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Standing in the river of abundance.

7 Concepts From Living Kabbalah That Can Redirect Your Abundance

This message is for you ...if you feel that you could have a better handle on abundance in your life, in its many forms. If you have a huge vision but lack the time, money, energy or resources to make it happen, please read on. You are invited…

Prayer in the Center

I am in the center. The center is where I am. And from the center I draw lines of connection, lines of love, to all the things I am aware of. Then I make a choice. Rather than retracing the lines I have already traced, I reach within to the…
Money is Holy

Money: A Measure of Energy and Change

To be financially abundant, our income needs to be uncoupled from the steady march of time ($$/hr. $$/yr), and reconnected to the value we are creating from our efforts. This needs to be a value that we assign to our labors, and we enroll others in through the fruits of what we are able create.