Journeys of the Spirit

Western Mysticism: A Spiritual Science

Western Mysticism has more in common with modern science than it does with religion. In fact, much of modern science was influenced and developed by initiated mystics like Sir Isaac Newton.Mysticism is an individual pursuit of the deeper…
Wand of Attention

The Power of Attention

 I hear people talk about the power of intention. Honestly, I am far more in awe of the intense power of ATTENTION. What we focus on is what we are creating in this moment. Intention is important for knowing why we aim our efforts,…
Donald Duck in Mathmagicland

VIDEO: Sacred Geometry, Mysticism... and Donald Duck?

We have recently explained mathematics in a film and in that way excited public interest in this very important subject." - Walt Disney [ Wikipedia ] This 1959 Disney production covers:Pythagoras and music The pentagram, the golden…

Soul Connection

 Soul. What is it? What is the big fuss? Without it, we are just bio-organic collections of elements, all functioning at the rate of survival. It's us or them. It's our animal nature.But I keep coming back to the soul... that deep…

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