10 Best Albums of Meditation Music

10 Best Albums of Music for Meditation

Meditation music is an interesting concept because the goal of meditation is often to empty the mind of thoughts (or at least detach ourselves from them)...
Donald Duck in Mathmagicland

VIDEO: Sacred Geometry, Mysticism... and Donald Duck?

We have recently explained mathematics in a film and in that way excited public interest in this very important subject." - Walt Disney [ Wikipedia ] This 1959 Disney production covers:Pythagoras and music The pentagram, the golden…
Osiris Indriya - I, Aeternal CD

"I, Aeternal" - New Music by Osiris Indriya

Osiris Indriya has just released his second full-length album and his first on Tokyo-based label Fusion For Peace Productions (Wakyo).Listen to it here: Osiris continues his multi-genre exploration of the inner worlds…