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Tarot - The Lovers, The Devil, Temperance, Death

The Lovers Unveiled (part 2): The Devil, Death and Temperance

When the formula for human consciousness falls apart. If you haven’t read Part 1… >> Read This First << Good. I hope that you found something of value in the formula The Lovers has shared with us. Are you ready for more? The…
Decoding Tarot -The Lovers Unveiled

The Lovers Unveiled (part 1)

It’s not about relationships and sex. It’s a map of human consciousness. We could Foolishly start at the beginning of the Tarot. Nah, let’s skip ahead to my favorite card of the Kabbalistic Tarot, The Lovers. The Kabbalistic Tarot Not…
Journeys of the Spirit

Western Mysticism: A Spiritual Science

Western Mysticism has more in common with modern science than it does with religion. In fact, much of modern science was influenced and developed by initiated mystics like Sir Isaac Newton. Mysticism is an individual pursuit of the deeper…