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10 Best Albums of Meditation Music

10 Best Albums of Music for Meditation

Meditation music is an interesting concept because the goal of meditation is often to empty the mind of thoughts (or at least detach ourselves from them)...
Spiral Staircase

When Stepping Back is Moving Forward

Most of us live a compromised life, though it feels fine because we don't remember it being any other way. When we choose ourselves and we step on a path of growth and inner transformation, we open up to moving forward and gain momentum in a…
Money is Holy

Money: A Measure of Energy and Change

To be financially abundant, our income needs to be uncoupled from the steady march of time ($$/hr. $$/yr), and reconnected to the value we are creating from our efforts. This needs to be a value that we assign to our labors, and we enroll others in through the fruits of what we are able create.
Navigating the Flow

Course Corrections in The Flow

Have you ever been going about your day and noticed that you seem to consistently be in the right place at the right time to meet the people you needed to meet? Other days, nothing seems to be going right and obstacles keep appearing, making…
Spiritual Progression

Spiritual Progression

The spirit is defined by the tradition of King Salomon as the infinite aspect of the individual. Yes, let's begin with a paradox or a pair of opposites that would appear to negate one another. This infinite spirit is the part of us that was…