What is a Mystery School?

The secrets are revealed, the truth is unfolding…

What is a Mystery School? Here is Pythagoras, leader of an ancient Greek Mystery School.Until very recently, mystery schools have been hidden and secretive institutions. The teachings of the mystery schools are maintained by oral tradition and are sometimes called the “Schools of Life.” These teachings are rooted in the shamanic and mystic ways of wisdom. While evidence of these traditions and teachings can be found throughout history, the lineage of the mystery schools can be traced back through 3,000+ of unbroken lineage to the time of King Salomon the Wise.

Each mystery school’s primary duty is to protect the ancient systems of enlightenment, healing, manifestation and transformation so that they can continue to be practiced and shared today and for thousands of years to come. These ancient brotherhoods/sisterhoods serve the “Light” by offering healing, teachings, performing rituals and ceremonies, and training the neophytes who will keep the ancient knowledge alive and accessible.

Early nomadic tribes were more in tune with nature and the energies of the Universe. They had a sense of connection with all, and they lived as a part of the cycles of life. These tribes were generally matriarchal and understood the balance of Life they were participating in. By the dawn of agriculture and civilization, humanity had shifted toward a path of the pursuit of control over nature and the consolidation of power and wealth. This shift brought with it a desire of those with power to diminish the old ways, to enroll the people in a system of that disconnected us from nature and the Universe, focusing us to fill roles that built the machines of wealth and industry that benefitted the few. Those who practiced these mystical traditions were persecuted, tortured and even killed to prevent the world from knowing the truth of their origins and abilities. This aggressive destruction of the ancient ways (and those that practiced them) peaked during the Middle Ages. Even today, there are many forces on the planet who would eliminate all trace of this knowledge from the Earth if they could.

Thanks to generations of mystery school initiates, these essential teachings and practices have been maintained intact, waiting for the time of “no more secrets” when they will emerge again and help humanity return to a more harmonious and abundant way of life. The secrecy of the mystery schools was protection against these forces, protecting the greatest power that has ever been available to humankind… the art and science of Human Empowerment.

Some say this time of “no more secrets” is now, and that we stand on the verge of the greatest era of human development.

Why now?

Because of the massive shifts in energy occurring on our planet over the last 100+ years, the Mystery Schools have begun releasing these ancient teachings to the public. This began with the Golden Dawn in England, whose initiates actively shared metaphysical teachings in published books and lectures. Today, it is the North American Mystery School, also known as The Modern Mystery School, that has its doors open to the general public. According to this tradition, the time of “no more secrets” is at hand and was made possible by the life and work of King Salomon the Wise over 3000 years ago.

Today we live in the time of changes and testing that has been the subject of prophecy throughout human history. Some have interpreted this to be a time of trial, while others in the Mystery School tradition have predicted the return to the “Garden of Eden” or “Shamballah” or the “New Paradigm”. Either way, the time has come for humans to take a significant leap in consciousness and become more than we are. Mystery Schools have evidence that humans are “god-like beings” and are here on this planet to fulfill the “Great Plan” of living as divine beings having a physical experience. Mystery School Initiates have the opportunity to take a vital role in the unfolding of this age of changes by embracing our higher life purpose, becoming an agent of positive change, manifesting spirit, and reaching Self Mastery.

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Defining Qualities of a Mystery School:

Vitruvian Man - Sacred Geometry - Ancient Mystery SchoolsA true Mystery School is an ancient school with a traceable and documented lineage of physical initiation going back to and beyond the line of King Salomon. The primary means of transmitting knowledge and energy is through an oral tradition, also called “handing down”. The tools, rituals, and systems of healing that are a part of these traditions are designed to empower every individual to reach their own highest potential, and to benefit humanity as a whole.

A true mystery school would never accept “energetic downloads”, “channelled teachings” or the “instant creation” of Masters or Teachers. The power of the lineage and physical initiation offers access to the authority and protection to accomplish life work, and gain a greater connection to God and the beings of light that are available to assist us in our great work on the planet. This has been done with every Master of Light who has ever walked the earth, including Buddha, Mohammed, Quan Yi, etc. Even Jesus Christ submitted himself to physical initiation by John The Baptist to fulfill his great work on Earth.

It is a great honor and privilege to seek out and be accepted as an initiate in the Lineage of King Salomon.

Salomonic Mystery School Beliefs:

  1. All Humans have free agency to act upon Will.
  2. All Humans already possess all the answers and all the knowledge they need to achieve Self-Mastery and accomplish Life Work.
  3. Each Human is his/her own best teacher.
  4. All Humans are good in their hearts and in the very essence of who and what they are.
  5. By joining together in the service of and for the Light, we as Light Workers can help the human condition and the human race develop towards a better future.
  6. The tools and methods taught to us by those reminders who are further on the path are  Holy and will help us as individuals become more of the Light and therefore have less resistance to the Light.
  7. That there is a God, whatever we may call the Universal Power, this God is a pair of beings (male and Female) who together created this Universe that we live in and created humans in their image so that we might one day become Gods ourselves, and thus continue to live and create as Eternal Beings.

Why Do Mystery Schools Exist?

Know Thyself, the primary goal of Mystery School Initiates.Mystery schools exist because life itself produces so many mysteries, such as the cycle of life and death, love, birth, who and what is GOD and the workings of the universe. To understand GOD, we must first understand ourselves who were made in their image. Therefore, the ancient decree of the ancient mystery schools has always been to “Know Thyself“.

  • Who am I?
  • What am I?
  • Where do I come from?
  • Where am I going?
  • What is my purpose?

The Shamanic societies understood and taught individuals to discover the answers to these important questions, but as we developed into a modern culture we lost the true understanding of these mysteries. Since the Middle Ages, these teachings have been referred to as the Hidden Knowledge.

How Many Schools are There?

There are seven great schools in existence throughout the world. Each school has various ‘satellite schools’ located around the globe to help spread the light and do service for those in need. The seven great schools are located in the United States, England, Romania, Australia, Japan, Tibet and Africa. The only school of the seven great schools that is open to the public is the Modern Mystery School. All other schools are by invitation only.

The Modern Mystery School

The lineage of the Modern Mystery School (MMS) dates back to the times of King Salomon and has therefore, over 3,500 years of history and lineage. While the mystery school tradition is older than that, the lineage of the MMS and its teachings can be verified and traced back to the teachings of King Salomon himself. The core teachings of the mystery school are the same as they have been for the last 3,500 years or more.

Modern Mystery School - Warriors of Light 2012

The MMS is dedicated to the wisdom of all true magick, both in the old tradition and in the New Paradigm energy. We study and practice those methods which have proven to bring results into our physical reality, as the true nature of magick is to manifest in the physical the things that one desires, as long as those desires come forth from a pure, disciplined and positive ego. This, therefore, is the initial purpose of the Mystery School teachings… the purification of the ego. For those seeking to improve their ability to heal themselves and others, the school also offers the Teachers and Healers Program as well as Guide Training.

The MMS represents an international community of individuals calling ourselves Light Workers. We believe in the goodness of the human race and that it is our mission to support humanity as we rebuild Heaven here on Earth. We know that we are all Eternal Beings, that we have never been born, and we can never die. We honor our short existence in this physical reality with a body to learn about creation with the four physical elements. Love is the energy that we endeavor to live by, and direct our thoughts, ideas and actions toward creating more opportunities for Love and Unity in this physical existence. And those who choose the path of the Spiritual Warrior, or Ritual Master, strive to enforce the balance of light and dark on the planet as a necessary duality for humans to have choice and to exercise free will.

The MMS does not represent any religion or political ideas. Its sole interest lies in individual empowerment to enhance our lives in a positive way. We see all things in an eternal perspective and we accept all persons equally without prejudices towards any race, color, or circumstances. However, we do expect every individual to be capable of reaching Self-Mastery and accomplishing their own Great Work.

The fruits of this mystery school are hope, optimism, joy, abundance and peace of mind.

The MMS currently has centers located throughout the United States, Canada, UK, Ireland, Dubai, Hong Kong, Portugal, Spain, Japan, India, South Africa, Taiwan, the Philippines… and is constantly growing throughout the world.

All true seekers of spiritual life are invited to partake in the revealing of the Great Mysteries of Life. The MMS is in direct contact with the Hierarchy of Light and draws upon the powers of Heaven and the Universe for the work and teachings conducted by the school. We help the people of earth in the illumination and understanding of the mysteries. We believe that “Knowledge is the People’s Right”.